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Hinsdale, Illinois |

Published Aug. 29, 2013                                      

Learning why faith matters in Hinsdale was a divine project

   Learning why faith matters in Hinsdale was a divine project
Faith can move mountains, to paraphrase Jesus’ words in Matthew 17:20.
   Faith has certainly been moving the residents of Hinsdale since the village’s inception — and even before that, in some cases.
   Over this past year, we’ve explored the diverse and dynamic array of church communities that make up the local spiritual landscape.
   Our Making a Difference series, the final installment of which appears on Page 5 of this issue, endeavored to tell the unique stories behind each of the village’s 13 houses of worship.
   Along the way, we entered sacred spaces that have stood for more than 100 years and dug into the theological underpinnings and congregational missions that animate those ministries.
   We sat down with senior clergy to gain their perspective on living by faith in the digital age. Some have shepherded their flocks for years; a larger number have arrived within the last two, providing an fascinating spectrum of visions.
   Perhaps most illuminating for us were the personal testimonies from lay leaders and other members about the nourishment their church community has delivered.
   Relationships seemed to be at the core of each of these ministries, bonds forged through a journey of service to one another and to the larger community through outreach efforts.
   Here are few voices from the series that capture the spirit we encountered along the way, and that we hope furnished our readers with a little more understanding of the faith mosaic that calls Hinsdale home:
   • “It’s easier to invite somebody to eat than it is to come and have a sacred experience. We like to use the words ‘radically hospitable.’ We want you to leave knowing you were welcomed.”
   • “We felt like maybe this was why God placed us in this community, to plant this church and meet other Christians in the area.”
   • “There is spiritual refreshing on the weekend so that you can be ready for the challenges of the following week.”
   • “This church really takes seriously Jesus’ comment to remember the least among us.”
   • “It has made me very open to how other people believe, how other people live and much more accepting of others no matter how different their beliefs might be.”
   • “It’s always about trying to find new ideas and new goodness and what can open up thought to being kind year-round.”
   • “We have a real heart for our community ... because we believe Jesus has asked us to love people and represent him in no matter what we do.”
   Next week we announce our partner for the 2013-14 Making A Difference series, building on our mission to convey fresh insight into the cherished organizations in the village.


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