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Hinsdale, Illinois |

Published Sept. 10, 2009                                                         

The Hinsdalean partners with foundation to make a difference

   In Hinsdale it’s easy to see the benefit of local nonprofits and community centers. Residents can find a number of activities and counseling opportunities for the whole family at The Community House. Those who are suffering or have a loved one dealing with cancer can find comfort and support at Wellness House. When parents don’t feel comfortable having “the talk” with their kids, they can trust that expert educators at Robert Crown Center for Health Education will give children the information they need.
   As a community, we’re often aware and appreciative of the hard work these visible organizations do for us. But what some may not know is nonprofit organizations like Community Memorial Foundation are helping these groups continue to provide quality services through grants and leadership.
   Since 1995, the foundation has been working to improve the health of people who work and live in Hinsdale and the surrounding communities, and in 2008 alone, it gave more than $100,000 in grant money to nonprofits in our village. The money has allowed Robert Crown to raise awareness of teen depression among youth, given The Community House the opportunities to expand its mental health services for low- and moderate-income families and provided Wellness House with an evaluation plan.
   While it’s mainly known for the generous grants it distributes throughout Hinsdale and the western suburbs, the foundation’s objective is to help organizations become stronger. They do so by challenging their partners to raise more money and offering workshops on fund-raising and management.
   We’re proud to be partnering with the foundation throughout the next year for our Making a Difference campaign, and consider this a great opportunity to share some of the great work this organization does with our readers.
   In the next 12 months, we’ll tell you about the foundation’s positive impact on our community and the programs and people whose lives have been changed thanks to its hard work. We’ll talk to experts about expanding health care for uninsured and underinsured individuals in our community, supporting youth and older adults, strengthening families and encouraging community cohesiveness.
   We invite you to join us this year and learn more about why Community Memorial Foundation is one of the agencies in Hinsdale that is making a difference.


— Making a difference is a yearlong partnership between The Hinsdalean
and the Community Memorial Foundation, whose mission is to measurably improve
the health of people who live and work in the western suburbs.





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