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Hinsdale, Illinois |

Published April 23, 2009                                                         

New campaign designed to help support Hinsdale's businesses

   No news is good news, the old saying goes.
   That seems to be especially true in today’s economy. Even positive stories are prefaced with mentions of the miserable, terrible, challenging economy.
   We want to change all that.
   So today we’re launching a new editorial campaign that we’re calling “Good reasons” — as in good reasons to shop in Hinsdale.
   At least once a month we’ll write a story about something positive going on in Hinsdale’s business community. We might share tips from a store owner who has been particularly successful or one who has innovative ideas for bringing in customers.
   Other stories might present gift ideas for an upcoming holiday or offer an update on what’s happening in the business district. We’ll also take a look at the efforts of the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce, Hinsdale Economic Development Commission and village staff to keep Hinsdale’s commercial areas vibrant.
   A question and answer session with the new village president and new trustees also might be part of the series.
   Our first story in the series will be on the new 3/50 Project Economic Stimulus Plan recently adopted by the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce. The program encourages residents to spent $50 each month in their three favorite stores in town. The chamber is the first in Illinois to sign on the project’s Web page ( as a supporter.
   We hope you’ve seen some of the ads that also are part of this effort. Last week’s listed seven good reasons to have breakfast or lunch in Hinsdale. This week’s highlights five good reasons to buy shoes in Hinsdale.
   Each article will be accompanied by the logo you see on this page. We hope that writing regularly about Hinsdale’s businesses will help bring more people out to patronize them.
   Everyone knows sales tax revenue helps support village operations, but the business districts are important for other reasons.
   According to the 3/50 Web site, $68 of every $100 spent in locally owned independent stores returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenses. A healthy downtown also is the sign of a healthy community and helps keep home values high.
    Too many residents we’ve talked to don’t know all the downtown, Grant Square and Gateway Square have to offer. Our stories and advertisements are designed to help remedy that problem.
   So keep reading — and keep shopping.




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