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Hinsdale, Illinois |

Published Dec. 3, 2009                                                         

Move over Letterman - we've got our own top 10 list this week

   From the home office in Hinsdale, Illinois ... the category today is the top 10 reasons why it’s a great idea to shop in Hinsdale this holiday season.

No. 10
You’ve already heard all the Christmas songs in WLIT’s library.
   You won’t have to listen to George Michael’s “Last Christmas” for the millionth time as you fight traffic on your way to the mall. Downtown Hinsdale, Grant Square and Gateway Square are just minutes away.

No. 9
No one wants another Chia Pet from you in their stocking.
   Hinsdale offers a variety of stores that carry unique, quality items you just won’t find anywhere else. Many times the person working behind the counter is the owner, who can offer valuable insight into the merchandise.

No. 8
You can’t stomach one more stale oversized pretzel.
   Avoid mass-produced mall food by enjoying a homemade scone for breakfast, a choice of Italian, American or Chinese for lunch and a real fruit smoothie for a snack at The Fruit Store — all while checking off every name on your list.

No. 7
Where else can you buy screws, hot dogs, tires and an espresso machine all from the same family?

No. 6
You’d rather invest in Hinsdale’s streets than Mayor Daley’s airport.
   When you shop in Hinsdale, as the banners downtown remind you, you invest in Hinsdale. Sales tax revenue is an important part of the village budget and helps to pay for things like repairing streets and replacing sewers.

No. 5
You have a lot — or a little — to spend.
   Gifts as inexpensive as $1 are available right here in Hinsdale. (Check out our list of 100 gift ideas for $100 or less on Page 7.) If you’d prefer to spend five or six figures, Luis at Razny or Susie at Hinsdale Furriers will be happy to help you lighten your wallet.

No. 4
The nanny deserves a day off.
   Buy your own stamps, drop off your own dry cleaning and pick up your own groceries in between finding the perfect gifts for family and friends.

No. 3
This may be your last chance to see Sean at Hinsdale Wine Shop before he loses so much weight that he disappears completely.

No. 2
You don’t like artificial trees — or artificial towns.
   Hinsdale wasn’t built to look like a quaint little village. It is a quaint little village, a place where everybody knows your name. At holiday time, festive decorations, carriage rides and cookie decorating make it all the more charming.

   And the No. 1 reason to shop in downtown Hinsdale is ...

Two words: free parking.
The village — with support from the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce, Automated Forms and Graphics, Dips and Dogs and The Hinsdalean — is offering the perfect gift this holiday season. Parking (up to three hours) will be free in the downtown business district every Saturday before Christmas in December.
   You can always park for free at Grant Square and Gateway Square, too.








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