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Hinsdale, Illinois |

Published Sept. 1, 2011                                               

Hinsdale Historical Society our new Making a Difference partner

   Some find history boring.
   They see it as nothing more than memorizing a long list of dates, rulers and battles. They haven’t had the benefit of seeing how a study of the past can illuminate the present.
   While most of us spend our time in school studying the history of our country and the world, the history of our own community can be equally fascinating and relevant. That’s why this village is lucky to have the Hinsdale Historical Society working to preserve its past.
   The society’s mission is to “collect, preserve and promote the history of Hinsdale, Illinois, and to foster an awareness and appreciation of its history and architecture through education, programs, exhibits and the maintenance of historical resources and properties in the village.”
   We’re pleased to announce that the Hinsdale Historical Society is our new Making a Difference partner for the 2011-12 year. And we’re excited to begin our coverage this fall.
   The historical society has grown and changed significantly since it was formed as a nonprofit corporation in April 1975, just two years after the village’s centennial. 
   In addition to its history museum at 15 S. Clay St., the society owns the R. Harold Zook Home and Studio at KLM and Immanuel Hall at 302 S. Grant St. Immanuel Hall also houses the Roger and Ruth Anderson Architecture Center.
   But there’s more.
   A group of dedicated ladies a few years ago started a women’s board to support the historical society. The board has generated excitement with some great activities and has helped shine a spotlight on the society and its mission.
   Some are confused about how the parts of the organization fit together, but it’s easy to explain for historical society board President Shannon Weinberger. The historical society is the umbrella or parent under which all three locations fall.
   “They’re like our kids,” she said.
   And, as is the case with children, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Each has its own unique history, architecture and offerings.
   We’re anxious to help you get better acquainted with the historical society and its offspring over the next nine months. And we hope you grow to love and appreciate these wonderful progenies, which help make Hinsdale such a great place to live.

  Making a Difference is a yearlong partnership between
The Hinsdalean and the Hinsdale Historical Society, which works to collect, preserve and promote the village’s history and its architecture.





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