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Hinsdale, Illinois |


Published July 12, 2007

Foxford removes trees, prepares for project

  By Polly Rix

    Developers Foxford LLC moved forward on The Hinsdale Club plan, removing several trees in anticipation of redeveloping a 20-acre site north of Ogden Avenue.
   “We had always planned on cutting them down,” Foxford President Peter Brennan said Wednesday. “We worked with the village and the village forester. We cut down approximately 19 trees and nine are going to be relocated to a park site in the village.”
   The lot where the trees were cut down is a “developable” piece of property, he said. Located in the center of the current Hinsdale Office Park, the site is where one of the proposed condo buildings will be built.
   “There’s a building that’s going to be there whether it’s The Hinsdale Club or the previously approved plan,” Brennan said. “A building is going to go there one way or another.”
   Village manager Dave Cook said Foxford followed the terms of the development agreement. Section 7B states the developer will preserve as many trees as possible and relocate those trees deemed moveable to a village park.
   “Under normal circumstances the village doesn’t regulate trees on private property,” Cook said. “But in this case, the development agreement was approved.”
   He said he advised Foxford’s attorney that his client might want to wait to cut down the trees, given the pending lawsuit and the outstanding appeal to the zoning board, Cook said.
   “In light of the litigation I told their attorney I didn’t believe this was a prudent time to do this,” Cook said.
   The village will not issue building permits until the case is settled, Cook added.
   On May 30, the village filed a lawsuit asking the DuPage County 18th Judicial Circuit Court to intervene after 60 residents filed an application May 23 to appeal the village board’s approval of The Hinsdale Club. The village is asking the court to declare the zoning board cannot hear the appeal.
   A status hearing for the village’s suit will be held July 25. After a series of hearings in July and August, Cook said he expects a court ruling Sept. 17.


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