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Hinsdale, Illinois |

Published May 28, 2015                                  

Partnership with humane society
comes to its conclusion

It seems like just yesterday that we started our Making a Difference partnership with the Hinsdale Humane Society.
  But almost 10 months have passed. And while we were quite familiar with the Hinsdale Humane Society — or so we thought — we’ve learned a lot during the partnership.
  We now know what is involved in serving as a foster home for a pet and why a pet might need such care. We better understand better how to choose a pet that is ready for adoption. We’ve come to appreciate what 300 some volunteers — including the more recently formed Junior Board and Ambassadors — do for the humane society.
  In November, we learned how thankful six families are for the dogs and cats they adopted through the shelter that have brought so much love and enjoyment into their homes.
  And in the biggest eye-opener of the series, we witnessed the difference a therapy dog is making in the life of a little girl. Working with the dog has helped her overcome many challenges, and the hope is this special kind of therapy will continue to work wonders for her.
  We have been privileged to share all of those stories with you.
  Just because the partnership has reached its official end does not mean we will stop writing about the humane society. In next week’s paper, as a matter of fact, our   “Weekend” feature will focus on the Pet Walk coming up on June 7. And we have plans to share some more news about humane society native Morris the Cat and another feline who is getting quite comfortable in front of the camera.
  The humane society has come a long way from its early days as a small shelter with 11 kennels, a small room and a reception area. And while its mission has remained the same, the way staff and volunteers help people learn to be compassionate to all living creatures has expanded by leaps and bounds.
  Explaining the joy that comes from being greeted at the door by a beloved pet at the end of a long day to someone who has never owned a pet is not an easy task. Folks who have had that experience understand the difference a pet can make in the lives of each and every person who shares a home with one.
  The humane society has been working for seven decades to help make that experience a reality for families that long to have a dog or cat to love and for rescues that desperately need a home. That’s a very special way to make a difference.




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