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Hinsdale, Illinois |

Published Aug. 28, 2014                                      

The Community House a place where everyone can find a home

   Exploring the incredible mosaic of people and services connected to The Community House these last 12 months for our Making a Difference series has reminded us of the fable about six blind men who encounter an elephant.
   Experiencing just a part of The Community House leaves an incomplete picture of the broad spectrum and far-reaching impact of the organization.
   At 73 years old, The Community House has never seemed more vibrant, with programs for the youngest among us as well as for the more seasoned Active Adults.
   The Willowbrook Corner initiative strives to the meets the needs of under-resourced residents through-after school and summer learning programs while working with other community agencies to provide other types of support.
   Charlie’s Gift Autism Center offers a lifeline to families dealing with autism spectrum and sensory disorders through customized therapy and counseling.
   The facility at 415 W. Eighth Ave. beats like the community’s heart, with committed volunteers and countless groups constantly coursing through its walls.
   Here are few of the voices we heard testifying to the way The Community House is making a difference and continuing its legacy for generations to come:
   • "We try to have opportunities for all ages, all walks of life, for any kind of support someone may need and opportunity to get involved and get to know their neighbors."
   • "(My son has) fallen between the cracks so many times. It wasn’t until I came (to Charlie’s Gift) that I felt I had a team around me. I just adore them here."
   • "Social work, recreation, seniors, kids — all of the things that I liked and was interested in were in one organization, which I thought was pretty cool and unique, and I loved the fact that it was a community-based organization."
   • "I see The Community House as reflecting the passions and the interests of the community. I think it’s our role to tap into those conversations to listen to what people are excited about and how we can be a reflection of that."
   • "I’ve seen firsthand how (the Willowbrook Corner) program has kept these people housed and fed because they’ve been able to hold down a job. For these women and men who are working, it’s just great to know these kids have a snack and had time to get their homework done."
   We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to help tell The Community House’s story.
   Next week we will announce our partner for the 2014-15 Making a Difference series.



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