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Published Sept. 6, 2007

Hinsdalean to partner with Wellness House for next year

   A cancer diagnosis can feel a lot like a death sentence.
   People can feel powerless. Angry. Resentful. Isolated.
   Some want to fight but they don’t know how. They want to resist but they’re afraid they can’t do it alone.
   The lucky ones find their way through the doors of Wellness House.
   Wellness House is a wonderful place where the focus is on living, not on cancer.
   Most have their first introduction in Welcome to Wellness, a program offered twice a week to help acquaint people to the house and its resources.
   And the resources are many. Participants can take advantage of support groups dealing with spirituality or for men only or for parents of children with cancer. They can take classes in nutrition and exercise. They can make an appointment for message therapy. They can check something out of the library or obtain help with Internet research.
   All this is offered free to people coping with cancer and their caregivers.
   Because we know people who have been helped by Wellness House, we know a bit about it. You probably do, too. But there’s a lot about Wellness House we don’t know, and we’re going to spend the next year learning more about it and all it offers.
   Today we launch a new series, Making a Difference, in which we’ll run at least one piece a month about Wellness House. Next week readers will learn more about the programs and services Wellness House offers in a comprehensive overview. Other upcoming stories will focus on fundraisers such as the Rotary Run for Wellness and the Equinox Ball. Readers also will learn more about how a cancer diagnosis can affect finances and ways to deal with stress. They’ll be introduced to patients and volunteers.
   At the end of the year, we’ll wrap up the partnership in a closing editorial. A week later, in September 2008, we’ll announce the next organization with which we will partner. And the cycle will continue.
   In the meantime, we’re looking forward to spending a year with Wellness House staff, board members, volunteers and — most importantly — participants. We’re looking forward to hearing their stories and sharing those stories with you.
   This mission statement at Wellness House is simple yet powerful: Challenging cancer. Creating community. Changing lives.
   The ways in which it accomplishes that mission are many. We invite you to join us this year and learn why Wellness House is one of the agencies in Hinsdale that is making a difference.

— Making a Difference is a yearlong partnership between
The Hinsdalean and Wellness House to increase awareness
about the organization, which works to encourage,
educate and emotionally support people working to
overcome the affects of cancer in their work.




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